Rascal Charities Targeted Feral Cat Project

Rascal Charities, with the help of Colony Cats, has developed a program to help control feral and stray cat overpopulation. This program will target specific neighborhoods and work with local residents and volunteers to sterilize as many cats as possible. The program will be launched on October 16, 2012 (National Feral Cat Day) and the first neighborhood to be targeted will be the Hilltop in Columbus.

Rascal Charities will be using money from spay/neuter donations to help fund this program. Feral cats trapped by our volunteers will be done at no charge. Ferals will receive the following services:

Examination under anesthesia

Spay or Neuter

Left Ear Tip

Rabies Immunization

Treatment for conditions such as mild Upper Respiratory Infections and wounds

Feral cats must be caught in traps and will be released in the same area they were trapped. If a feral cat is found to be too ill to be released, it will be humanely euthanized. 

If a feral kitten is trapped, the organization will decide if the kitten can be adopted or if it should be returned to the colony.

The second part of the program will help prevent owned cats from contributing to the cat overpopulation problem by offering a subsidized price to individuals that reside in the target neighborhood. Owned cats will receive the same services listed above for a cost to the owner of $20 per cat. Residents must be able to show picture id and proof of residency. We will have a list for individuals interested in setting up an appointment to get their cat sterilized.

Additional services requested by owners or caretakers will be done at our regular prices.

The spay/neuter program can only be maintained with the help of donations from individuals and companies. If you would like to donate, you can send a check or money order to:

Rascal Charities

Feral Cat Program

6365 Old Avery Rd., Ste 9

Dublin, OH 43016

Or make your donation with a credit card or PayPal account using the button below


Please specify that your donation is for the feral cat program when making a donation. Rascal Charities, Inc is a 501c3 non profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

For information about the program or to place your name on the list, please send an email to ferals@rascalunit.com.

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