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Rascal TNR

  Rascal TNR


Rascal Charities’s TNR program was developed in an effort to humanely control pet overpopulation. Feral and community (stray) cats can be a problem in some communities, and trap and euthanasia is not the answer as proven by cat population studies. Most community residents are also against the idea of killing cats and prefer a humane alternative to control cat reproduction while allowing the population to live off its life without adding new cats to it. This program is funded through donations, fundraisers, sponsorships, and grants.


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Ferals will receive the following services for a cost of $20 to the caretaker (based on funding availability):

  • Examination under anesthesia
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Left Ear Tip
  • Rabies Immunization
  • Treatment for conditions such as mild Upper Respiratory Infections and wounds

Feral cats must be brought to the clinic in traps and must be released in the same area they were trapped. If a feral cat is found to be too ill to be released, it will be humanely euthanized.



The second part of the program will help prevent owned cats from contributing to the cat overpopulation problem by offering a subsidized price to individuals with indoor/outdoor cats in need of financial assistance. Owned cats will receive the same services listed above for a cost to the owner of $35 per cat. Pet owners must be able to show picture id and proof of qualification (government financial aid card or letter). We will hold special clinics for owned cats at the Rascal Unit.

Additional services may be requested by owners or caretakers and will be done at our regular prices at the owner’s/caretaker’s expense.

If you are interested in TNR or are currently involved in community cat efforts, we recommend watching this video provided by the Together Initiative for Ohio’s Community Cats. This seminar includes information on compassion fatigue, the veterinary aspect of TNR, behavior and debunking TNR myths, and ways to promote TNR in your community.